We create content that’s actually consumed by your target audience. 
Our Content Lift platform raise this effectively.

Audience Segmentation

Content Creation

Content Amplification

We follow the AIDA approach is segmenting audiences combine with keyword research.

More than 40% of content created isn’t shared on social media platforms. We create compelling content.

We have 5k+ editorial publishers that help raise the content we create. Right placement = Right Audience.


Our Content Lift Platform helps us deliver the content to the right audience. This in turn helps with SEO.

  • 5K+ publishers segmented by audience themes.
  • 2K+ content pieces syndicated every month.
  • 250M visitor base.


With millions of words generated every moment on almost every subject on the internet, know how you can create your content to reach your target groups efficiently. Content marketing and writing teams help you generate unique content specifically targeted towards your audience to increase your brand and page authority on search engines.

We believe in telling a story and not just in spreading content. Digi Mindz India is one of the leading Digital Marketing agencies for over 5 years. Our service is all about leaving an impact on the companies we work with.

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